Managing Director Message

Dr. Hamed Hamada – Managing Director

Welcome to the Remak Marketing & Consulting website. The firm has been actively developing the meical device biotechnology market throughout the region since 2009. We pride ourselves in our understanding and knowledge of the local markets whilst offering our partners access to the regional network. We would like to take this opportunity to take a step back and talk about Remak as a whole, and the concept behind our unique structure. how do we maintain our unprecedented success?

Our focus and Remak’ top priority, is representation of our partners. As a privately-owned organization we do not answer to shareholders and hierarchy pyramids; in this way our partners are most important, with all other systems developed to support them. The network we have built allows us to share regional perspectives, which can then be factored into local knowledge.

The Remak head offices fill a critical role in our network, Egypt & Dubai being amongst the largest Emerging Markets. With medical representatives and brand managers covering the region, .
We appreciate your time taken to explore our website. Whether you are a partner or consumer, Remak has something to offer.

Dr. Hamed Hamada,
Managing Director,
Remak Marketing & Consulting