Why Remak

We offer comprehensive turnkey representation to ensure attainment of set goals.

In any setting, the process of selling involves recognizing potential customers, identifying their needs, persuading them that our products or services (rather than those of competitors) can best satisfy those needs; closing the sale by agreeing the terms and conditions; and providing an after-sales service. Remak Marketing & Consulting does all of this and more.

Our key strengths set us apart. We have:

  • Professional, Experienced, Results Oriented Team
  • Proficiency with modern Technology / IT, and Digital detailing
  • Excellent know-how and full acquaintance with the versatility of the area
  • Existing partnership and networks with salient partners
  • Full set-up with Remak team members being based within all states in the region
  • In-house social media team to provide free round the clock support

How does Remak attain & acquire:

  • Targeted Appointments
    arrange appointments with doctors, pharmacists and hospital medical teams. These may include pre-arranged appointments or regular ‘cold’ calling
  • Making presentations
    Making presentations to doctors, practice staff and nurses in GP surgeries, hospital doctors and pharmacists in the retail sector. Presentations may take place in medical settings during the day, or may be conducted in the evenings at a local hotel or conference venue.
  • Organizing conferences
    Organizing conferences for doctors and other medical staff
  • Building relationships
    Building and maintaining positive working relationships with medical staff
  • Managing budgets
    Managing budgets (for conferences, outside speakers, hospitality, etc.)
  • Reaching targets
    Reaching annual sales targets
  • Monitoring competitors
    Monitoring competitor activity and competitors’ products
  • Maintaining knowledge
    Maintaining knowledge of new developments in the global health industry, anticipating potential negative and positive impacts on the business and adapting strategy accordingly
  • Developing strategies
    increasing market share through new products, new segments
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